Thursday, May 29, 2008

Saying good by to some of my girls pottery

Oh I want to cry. I started a contest on a support board I am an admin on, and these were the prizes. My girls have taken pottery off and on over the last years. Lately they haven't gotten a teacher whom lets them use the pottery wheel, yet they did so well at it. I have to pack these off this weekend and send them out to the three winners. I'm sad to say good bye cause I just love them, but I also wanted other to enjoy them and realise that our kids can do some great things. I have tried the wheel several times and so far can't make a bowl, only a plate.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Men will be boys! UGH!

My husband and my husbands brother always joke about the time my husbands brother was playing with a knife and ran it thru his leg, when they were boys. They laugh and talk about how funny it is. Guess my husband thought he needs a story to talk about. Tonight he was playing with my miniature stapler and stapled himself! Do they ever grow up?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some family pictures

Aysha had her Dance Recital last night. She did great. Here is a pic of the girls and us and then one of the girls and my parents! My parents drove here for it and then today they took my girls home with them, so I could work (have to work most of the weekend . Thanks Mom and Dad, you all are the best! Also thanks for Dinner!! lol

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mercede and the inside out shirt!

I went by the girls school today to drop off jackets and saw the girls in the lunch room. Mercede's shirt was on inside out and her teacher says to me "Your probably wondering why Mercede is wearing her shirt inside out?" Actually, I probably wouldn't of noticed, until she called my eye to it. Turns out that Mercede was asking kids if they wanted to pet her horse!! YIKES!

P.S. I think she put alittle too much of my Bare Minerals blush on, don't you?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One of them days you don't want to have again.

Today was the first anniversary my husband and I actually remembered since we have been married. I was so tired because I was up most of the night with an individual I work with. Mercede and I had a big blowout before she went to school. While I was upset I told the girls to go out to the car. Later as I was taking out trash I saw them sitting in my van. Opps, said go to my car, not to the bus!! lol thank goodness it was late and they made it ( a good thing)My pager went off a million times when I tried to get just a little more sleep since I really needed it. I did have a nice lunch (another good thing), I got Cheyenne a dental appointment for today, they had a cancellation(thought that was the third good thing). I was talking on my phone driving leaving the office (not a good thing) when I heard sirens, then saw them behind me (not a good thing), I screamed "Gotta Go" to my staff on the phone and threw it down. Officer asked me "Do you know why I pulled you over?" I answered with a big fat smile "I don't have a clue" (and I didn't have a clue). 11 miles over the limit. I had no idea I was speeding. I told him "Well at least I wasn't in a school zone, since that is where I am headed" He laughed as he wrote me a 75 dollar ticket! He also thanked me for being cooperative (like he must of thought I was going to take off or scream). This is my first ticket in 10 years, about 6 years ago I got pulled over for doing 35 miles over the limit. Course I was bawling by the time he got to my window so I got a warning (where a non bawling man would of been arrested, tee hee). I forgot to cry today. Note to self :poke self in both eyes as soon as self sees sirens in rear mirror again. Got Cheyenne to her dental appointment and found out she needs 2 teeth pulled (babies that didn't fall from the nest), 11 fillings and one crown. Over $3000 dollars of work and then they also informed me how bad my dental insurance is and how most of it will not be covered. Mike just wants me to have all Cheyenne's teeth pulled and give her dentures. Poor thing is only 15. I read that children with down syndrome have harder teeth but will loose teeth due to gum disease. Not Cheyenne, she has soft teeth. Mercede has never had a cavity YET, so I am hopefull I won't have to sell my kidney to have her's fixed. Now braces are being brought up with Cheyenne but ummmmmmmmmmm, I can't loose both kidneys. Mercede has needed braces but years ago her dentist and I decided she would be too upset by them. That it was more for my benefit then hers (cause I want to see pretty straight teeth when I look at her, and Mercede could care less). To top off my day, my father tells me that gas prices may go up as high as 10 dollars a gallon. Here's to a better tomorrow. Also tomorrow, I will try and get my "You've Been Tagged" post up.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Look At my beautiful gifts for Mothers Day.

Look what the girls made me at School! Aren't they beautiful gords!! They were the good in mothers day. I spent the day working a 12 hour shift cause no one wants to work mothers day!! lol My husband put the Evil into Mothers day. My husband got me a Big turtle chocolate cake and I am so NOT happy with him cause I didn't need that on my diet. I didn't need the Two pieces I ate of it. I didn't need it to start me on an eating binge that ended with me eating a WHOLE subway sub instead of half. It is all his fault! I would post a picture of the cake but, it disappeared!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


My mother is a wonderful person with a heart as big as my fathers ego (ha ha, couldn't help that dad). She isn't going to be happy with me for the pictures I am posting, but this is my mom, a person who cares and whom has always been there for me and my children when we need her. A year and a half ago she once again was in the waiting room for the third time for a grandchild undergoing heart surgery. This was Mercede's second open heart surgery. She was there for the surgery and then once again, she was also the caretaker of my other children while I was in the hospital with Mercede. I gave her alot of crap about crying in these pics. Cause they might have been the last picture's we had of Mercede. Course, she couldn't keep from crying for the life of her and I love her for it. She just cared too much. The thought that this might be the last time she saw her grandaughter alive was too much to keep them tears away. My mother live's three hours away yet I can give her a 3 hour notice and she will be here to get my kids if I need it. She is everything a mother should be an more. I only wish I could be half as good as she is. Mom, I love you! Thanks for everything!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mercede and Cheyenne's first dance recital

Weren't they cute, so long ago and look how young I looked and how much skinnier I was! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Wait, I made a mistake, the bottom is Cheyenne's first dance recital pic, but the top one of Mercede, isn't. Not sure where her first one is, that is like her 2nd or 3rd.

Aysha's a dancing princess!

Look at those wild faces, it was picture day and I hope her photo session went better with the professional then it did with me! lol She is following in her older sisters footsteps. She will be having her first big dance recital in a few weeks. She is growing up so quickly!

Friday, May 2, 2008

How my Subway diet is going.

AS of today, I have lost 20 pounds doing my modified version of the Subway diet since March 28 (think that was the week). What does modified mean? that means I still eat one of the cookies everyday and put bacon on my sandwiches! lol When I stop losing weight, then I will start reducing some of my calories. Right now, I eat a footlong every day, I make it two meals. I still have snacks of yogurt and veggies or a cookie!! lol For breakfast, I have either oatmeal or sugar free instant breakfast drink. I have been eating alot of them yogurt parfaits from McD's, I know they are unhealthy but they are so good plus you do get some fruit in it, cause I don't like fruit much. I also have been having a naughty frozen drink a week, need to cut that out! Anywho, just had to brag cause I am so happy withmyself for sticking to something. Oh forgot to mention that on Fridays after weigh in's that is splurge time, my dh and I will eat whatever we want. Today though I wanted TGIF's potato halves, but no we got there too early and it was closed. So I had to settle for some nasty breakfast place! I hate breakfast food!! lol