Sunday, June 5, 2011

WTH is my Cicada Icecream??????????????

I saw this article online this week
"Sparky's sells out of cicada icecream". If you notice in the photo, it leads you to believe they will be making more.

Being the adventurous person attention seeking whore I am. I loaded up my van with some kids and headed to Sparky's today. When I arrived there was a reporter and a huge line of people outside. Woo Hoo Cicada waffle cone, here I come.

But there was none in their case can we say "Marketing Scam"?, only boring stuff such as pineapple cake, coconut, and cookies and cream. Why would ANYONE want that stuff!! I'll go to HyVee if I'm looking for those kinds of flavor's!

So I got this disappointing shot outside of Sparky's after we got our unimaginative icecream.

But as we walked downtown with the roar of the cicada's over idea came to me.

I'll just make my own!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Complications during the rebirthing process.....

Well, I'm sure you are all wondering what happened after my

There were some complications that I didn't expect. You know my rebirth couldn't go easy. There would have to be something to mess it up!! And that something once again is part of the male species!! Men are so dang needy aren't they. I need a Blog name for my new man, I need some idea's.

So why don't you my readers (all two of you that are left) assist me with a name for him. I'll describe him to help you out. He is 24 years older than Ex-Child Husband, which means he could of been his father. He is an architect just like Mr. Brady was.If he had 3 kids, we could of called him that! He only has two sons (Ive got the 3 girls though), course maybe he could adopt Ex Child Husband and then we could be the New Brady Bunch. Ok, let's move on..............he has these two horrid pee and puke on the floor, bark at the air, stinky breath little ankle bitters that are named Indy and Anna (they got their name from some movie about a big rock chasing Harrison Ford down a tunnel). I like to refer to them as Scooby Snacks. By the way, I need to introduce you to my newest man.

Say Hello to Scooby

Anyway, back to "He who shall remain nameless, until you name him". He's a runner and currently training for a marathon (he has only done half marathons in the past). We have so much in common, I like to watch people run. Course, normally it is on the TV. Lets sing "Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you..".

Guest what HWSRNUYNH (He Who Shall Remain Nameless Until You Name Him) does???

Get this..................... your not going to believe it........................... remember the issues I had with Ex Child Husband (
head here if you don't remember)?? Well HWSRNUYNH does dishes!!! Yes Yes, I kid you not!! I've seen it with my own eye's. He doesn't think the Dish Fairy will come do them for him if he lets them pile up enough. Hmmmmmmmm maybe he should be called "He who does Dishes"?????

Now the worst thing about him and it is pretty bad............... He is a Jayhawk.

If your confused about this, you must realize I live in the Tigers Den, this blog post from AJ will sum up the hate I have for the Jokehawk. This post was written some time ago (but still applies) and has some pretty bad language so beware.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Rebirth

So..................................... my last post "Stay Tuned" was like almost 2 years ago. Some of you have wondered where I have been. Some of you probably had visions of me sitting on a park bench with a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20, popping Ativan like Tic-Tacs, hair not brushed and mumbling about Mercede hiding my shoes. Course a few of you would be thinking that I have taken all this time off to finish those dishes that Child Husband was always leaving me. Which would be near to the truth since one of the reasons I haven't blogged in so long was due to Child Husband. Let me rephrase that..............EX Child Husband. Yes I am finally down to four children. One less mouth to feed. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!!" You know I would never sit and whine about it , that wouldn't be me. Now bitching that is another story.

In June EX Child Husband moved out and then filled for divorce, by Aug 24th we were divorced. The 60 day divorce! Life in the fast lane. Ex Child Husband is engaged again, which is a very entertaining story but not mine to share email me and I'll tell you ;)

Here is what the rest of us have been up to...

We got to visit with my son Chris this summer! I hadn't seen him for four years. We had a great visit and ate some Mexican Spice Larvae!

Mercede is still obnoxious, who would she be if she wasn't!

Cheyenne is still flirting, she recently had a MU basketball player sign her shoulder! I'm glad she hasn't watched Rock Of Love or she might of had him sign something else.

Aysha is obsessed by Justin Bieber, pray for me! She is only 6 ya know!

As for me, I decided I will only date older men. Older than Ex Child Husband that is!

It's almost winter time and I'm going to be enjoying alot of laughter. You see Ex Child Husband sold his car and bought a scooter. I can't wait to see him riding this through the snow to work.

I pee my pants just thinking about it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stay Tune....


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LOST my heart tonight.

Warning, could be a spoiler if you missed LOST tonight.

I had to work tonight and LOST was on. What is a girl to do. I told my staff that LOST was on, so count me lazy!! ha ha Thank god for comercials, so I could get some work done.

I swear this was the BEST LOST episode ever.

I got to see my heartthrob John Locke I don't use his real name cause it's his character on LOST that excites me

But that wasn't the only person that made my heart go pitter patter. Jin is ALIVE. Ok, so that really is no surprise since you saw that last episode. But it had been awhile since I have gotten to drool over him on an episode, since last week was brief. Although, I'm not liking his hair this season. Don't they have a barber on the Island? Oh Jin, you don't need the shirt!

My staff that I was working about asked me if they ever explained what the black smoke was, since he hasn't watched it in forever. I told him, I hadn't seen it for awhile and lo and behold. They gave us it back too.

This made my night and it is a good thing too because for the next 4 days, I'll be working 12 to 16 hour days. Oh John and Jin, take me away!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

To be fit, or not to be

Yes, my blogging is down. It is because of something sinister!! Something that brings the worst out in me.......

My dang Wii Fit!

There I am, that's me in the light blue, I'm the Mii ready to go. All the others are sleeping except Aysha. Cause we are the only two that are constantly battling with the Wii Fit.

Just a close up of me

Here's a close up of Child Husband. For some reason Wii won't let you put in more than 8 or 9 charactors in for a Mii.

You know Wii Fit is EVIL because it doesn't sweet talk you.

Oh that is 3.1 pounds since yesterday!!!!

Evil Wii Fit then gave me a list of choices of why I'm gaining weight. I skipped the honest answers like "eating too much" and choose "I don't know".

There is no pulling the Wool over the eye's of Evil Wii Fit.

Now I was kicking some Sherrill butt on Wii Fit's Advance Step Aerobics, but then she passed me, which is good, makes me work harder at it. But for some EVIL reason, my Wii Fit is not recording all my side steps on it. Notice the gray area's on the bottom. Gray means I missed those steps. I didn't miss them and now every time I do it, it shows missed steps.
I will NEVER beat Sherrill if it keeps giving me misses and I think it is off on the "perfects" also, cause I'm pretty sure I've done this enought to be "perfect" on each step.

I spent this long doing the Advance Step Arerobics today and Sherrill is still way ahead of me!

One day I almost passed out doing this and had to lay down. I told Child Husband to make sure he dressed me if I stroked out. Oh wait, did I just admit to exercising with nothing on? hee hee
Good thing I can't make my Mii naked ain't it! Actually I do wear a tank and undies.

Evil Wii Fit even keeps track of how often it controls you.

I do like the fact that after working out for over an hour, EWF does make me lose some weight.

No it ain't just water weight, cause I drank water while working out. I swear I saw fat dripping off of me.

And a word out to my beautiful Brazilian Friend Karine. I know you probably tried to translate this post and didn't get far. But all you need to know is this......

Nintendo bad, very, very BAD!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Story is being featured

On KIDZ today.

Click Right HERE to go read!