Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Alive!!!

Yes, Mercede is okay. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. She hasn't had anymore spells and actually the only reason she wouldn't be okay now is for doing this mess..

This is what happens when Mercede has nothing to do. School was out last Friday and I had a 10 hour work day and Child Husband was home with the kids. This only happens this bad when Child Husband is not watching the kids. Mercede took everything out of her closet, everything out of drawers and anything else that was around. She can't stand to leave pillow cases on pillows and even went into my room and took mine off, as I can see them in this picture. So I would say that Mercede is feeling fine and that prozac isn't really affecting her that much! lol

In other news, I have been gone over a week because I had some mad days at work, then my internet company had some issues and it took them over three days to fix the problem. I just haven't had time to get on the computor. I did check my email a few times at the office but was out of time for anything else.

Good news is that Ben left the hospital a few days ago! Thank you so much for all your prayers. He is done with his chemo and still needs many prayers as there are still so many challenges that he could face. Aysha was running up to everyone in the store telling them how God had healed Ben. It is the best news ever!

My SIL Scott could use your prayers, we just got a call tonight that she was in the hospital. Her arm and face were going numb and her blood pressure super high. I was just in her town on Saturday and took these pictures with her kids.

This is 9 month old Ireland getting a bath. Look at them eyes.

This is the coolest tree. The kids all loved it.

My BIL Devin says he is riding a rhinoceros.

Last is a picture I took last week of Scott with her two youngest kids she pops out kids like a rabbit , she was having a hard time holding them. I should of made her hold all three at one time.

I've got a super busy work week and I'm going to try catching up with everyone when I can. Again, thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mercede update

Thanks for all your thoughts. Mercede is doing well with no issues this weekend. She will be seeing her physician this week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

This is odd

The nurse from Mercede's school today called and said that while Mercede was on a work site, they thought she passed out. They said her head fell forward and they had trouble bringing her too. The nurse thinks if she would of passed out, she would of fallen over, so she think she may have fallen asleep. Mercede has never fallen asleep while doing something, so that would be odd. Her teacher thinks she passed out because she was working with some bolts and then her head went down quick. Mercede started prozac on Wednesday for her OCD, so that could make her more tired. I'm making her an appointment just to check her out. I forgot to include earlier (just adding this in this post now) that Mercede's last blood test showed her having low glucose, and I was told if she seemed dizzy or faint to feed her! Geez, maybe they should of gave her further test.

Here is something interesting. Mercede was born with a Atrioventricular Canal Heart Defect (Cheyenne had the same defect), she had open heart at 6 months of age and then when she was 16 she had to have her mitral valve replaced with a mechanical valve. I just looked up photo's of them. Weird to think of her heart having one of these.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Flood Safety

Yesterday was a day I taught my daughters all about the dangers of flooding.

First thing to teach them was that Flooding makes for good pictures.

Second thing to teach them is that you should always stay behind the police tape.(
especially when there is a policeman behind you while you are snapping pictures)

Third thing to teach them, is to go to the other side of the flooded road (cause the policeman can't get to you there without a boat.)

Fourth, don't read signs, they mean nothing.

Fifth, police tape don't mean a thing either.


Six, get as close to the flooding as you can.....

and snap a bunch of pictures that will make your dad call you and scream at you about the harm your putting your kids in.......

also making sure you get a photo of how swift the water is.

Seventh, take a picture of the people on the other side of the road... and then wonder why they are now crossing the police line.......then notice that the policeman is now not there.

Eight, tell your kids to run like heck cause you heard the policeman either got a boat or is now taking the long route to get to you.

Nine, say a prayer for all those who aren't as fortunate as we are :(

Friday, September 12, 2008


You all know I have two children with Down Syndrome, but some of you may not know that I also work with adults with disabilities. I work for a good size organization that provides support to people with developmental disabilities. I supervise a medically fragile home with three individuals. I occasionally do a crafts class for my organizations day program. I have to look for a craft that can be done by people with different abilities. We often hear about disabilities, but it is important to look for a persons abilities. Everyone has abilities, and that is what I try to focus on.

Christie over at the Pretty Paper Blog always has cute idea's for projects. She had a post about a bucket she had fixed up for a gift and I borrowed her creativity to do crafts with the individual's I work with. Christie was so great and answered my emails to what kinds of supplies I needed such as Modpodge! OMgosh, how could I have never used this before. I have since bought over 3 big bottles of it. Anywho, at work we had a family luncheon and they needed a craft project to use as table settings. I knew this was the perfect craft. I had two individuals whom couldn't use scissors because their hands would be unable to manipulate them, but they were able to tear scrap pages for what we needed. Everyone had fun using ink to stamp and antique the paper. But Modpodge was the favorite part for most. This bucket was made by a man whom was bedridden at the time and he was so happy to be able to put this together. I so wish that it wouldn't be a violation to show you a picture of how big of smile he had, making this. For most of our buckets we put a wire handle that looked like a twig, with a ribbon on it (none of these were photographed because I forgot to take pictures before they were given away). For the table setting's, plants were placed in the buckets, but I killed the one that had been in this:(

This bucket was made yesterday by an individual I work with, for another individual whom is in the hospital. She also picked out a cheap dollar frame and put a stamped message in it, to replace giving a card. I think it turned out great.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ that was put on by another organization that serves people with disabilities, one that my girls receive services from. There were people with a wide abundance of different abilities. I was having a conversation with a man named Will (I changed his name.) Will has CP and uses an electric wheelchair to get around town (I say town, cause I see him all over the place). Will has slurred speech due to his CP and can be hard to understand at times. A mistake many people make is that they treat individuals such as Will, as a child. Will is not a child and should not be treated as one. If you have trouble understanding someone with a disability, don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry, could you repeat that, I didn't quite understand." Because many people (including me at one time) make the mistake of pretending they understand a person and totally ignore what the person is trying to say. Will asked me a question and I had to have him repeat it several times before I understood. He asked me what led me to work in the field of disabilities. I told him I had two children with disabilities. He shook his head "yes", thinking he understood. But I told him that even if I didn't have my children, I think I still would of been led to this field of work. I think I always had a calling for it. Will asked me if I thought I would always work in this field. I said "Well no, if I win the lottery , I'm going to sit on my butt, watch TV and eat chocolate." We enjoyed a good laugh over that fantasy. Will has the ability to make good conversation, only most people don't give him the chance. Remember...... see people for their abilities, not their disabilities.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is freaking me out!

Yesterday, I made the big appointment to take place on Oct 13th. To see about having no more babies, a sterilization. And they want to put these nickle coils/springs in my tubes.This is the Essure method that most OBGYN's recommend now instead of Tubal Ligation (Tubal can be reversable, Essure procedure can't be). Ok, no big deal..... til I see the picture. Okay, I was picturing something the size of a tack. Oh and the skin grows thru the coils blocking up the tubes. I'm freaking out and think Child Husband needs to go get neutered. He cringes at the thought of it and says he can't do it. But I'm wondering if Bob Barker can talk him into it ;)