Sunday, June 5, 2011

WTH is my Cicada Icecream??????????????

I saw this article online this week
"Sparky's sells out of cicada icecream". If you notice in the photo, it leads you to believe they will be making more.

Being the adventurous person attention seeking whore I am. I loaded up my van with some kids and headed to Sparky's today. When I arrived there was a reporter and a huge line of people outside. Woo Hoo Cicada waffle cone, here I come.

But there was none in their case can we say "Marketing Scam"?, only boring stuff such as pineapple cake, coconut, and cookies and cream. Why would ANYONE want that stuff!! I'll go to HyVee if I'm looking for those kinds of flavor's!

So I got this disappointing shot outside of Sparky's after we got our unimaginative icecream.

But as we walked downtown with the roar of the cicada's over idea came to me.

I'll just make my own!

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Anna Lefler said...


It's all protein, right?

Hope all is well...

:-}) Anna