Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Rebirth

So..................................... my last post "Stay Tuned" was like almost 2 years ago. Some of you have wondered where I have been. Some of you probably had visions of me sitting on a park bench with a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20, popping Ativan like Tic-Tacs, hair not brushed and mumbling about Mercede hiding my shoes. Course a few of you would be thinking that I have taken all this time off to finish those dishes that Child Husband was always leaving me. Which would be near to the truth since one of the reasons I haven't blogged in so long was due to Child Husband. Let me rephrase that..............EX Child Husband. Yes I am finally down to four children. One less mouth to feed. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!!" You know I would never sit and whine about it , that wouldn't be me. Now bitching that is another story.

In June EX Child Husband moved out and then filled for divorce, by Aug 24th we were divorced. The 60 day divorce! Life in the fast lane. Ex Child Husband is engaged again, which is a very entertaining story but not mine to share email me and I'll tell you ;)

Here is what the rest of us have been up to...

We got to visit with my son Chris this summer! I hadn't seen him for four years. We had a great visit and ate some Mexican Spice Larvae!

Mercede is still obnoxious, who would she be if she wasn't!

Cheyenne is still flirting, she recently had a MU basketball player sign her shoulder! I'm glad she hasn't watched Rock Of Love or she might of had him sign something else.

Aysha is obsessed by Justin Bieber, pray for me! She is only 6 ya know!

As for me, I decided I will only date older men. Older than Ex Child Husband that is!

It's almost winter time and I'm going to be enjoying alot of laughter. You see Ex Child Husband sold his car and bought a scooter. I can't wait to see him riding this through the snow to work.

I pee my pants just thinking about it.


latree@dandelion said...

your rebirth, but still child husband standing there :D

welcome back!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm SO glad you're back!!! I was just thinking of you the other day. Well I give you a HELL YEAH that EX child husband is gone....I laughed so hard imagining him driving a scooter in the snow...oh, you'll have to try to get photos if you see him driving so we can all laugh with you!

Dad said...

Right on Gayla and if Mike needs a snow suit? I have one but he would
have to cut the legs off or they may wrap around the real wheel.

G said...

Dad why aren't you linked into your blogger account??

Mrs4444 said...

I'm sorry you've been through a rough time. Welcome back.

Celine said...

So glad you're back in the blogosphere!

We missed you! And HELL YEAH!!!!

Lilly said...

Hello there, Gosh it was two years you didn't blog. I wonder how you are doing. Do stop by and let us know. Life sure is the pits sometimes but we do come out of it eventually. I am a case in point even though it took too bloody long. All the best to you and hope this message finds you doing well and hope your girls are healthy and happy too.