Saturday, January 24, 2009

To be fit, or not to be

Yes, my blogging is down. It is because of something sinister!! Something that brings the worst out in me.......

My dang Wii Fit!

There I am, that's me in the light blue, I'm the Mii ready to go. All the others are sleeping except Aysha. Cause we are the only two that are constantly battling with the Wii Fit.

Just a close up of me

Here's a close up of Child Husband. For some reason Wii won't let you put in more than 8 or 9 charactors in for a Mii.

You know Wii Fit is EVIL because it doesn't sweet talk you.

Oh that is 3.1 pounds since yesterday!!!!

Evil Wii Fit then gave me a list of choices of why I'm gaining weight. I skipped the honest answers like "eating too much" and choose "I don't know".

There is no pulling the Wool over the eye's of Evil Wii Fit.

Now I was kicking some Sherrill butt on Wii Fit's Advance Step Aerobics, but then she passed me, which is good, makes me work harder at it. But for some EVIL reason, my Wii Fit is not recording all my side steps on it. Notice the gray area's on the bottom. Gray means I missed those steps. I didn't miss them and now every time I do it, it shows missed steps.
I will NEVER beat Sherrill if it keeps giving me misses and I think it is off on the "perfects" also, cause I'm pretty sure I've done this enought to be "perfect" on each step.

I spent this long doing the Advance Step Arerobics today and Sherrill is still way ahead of me!

One day I almost passed out doing this and had to lay down. I told Child Husband to make sure he dressed me if I stroked out. Oh wait, did I just admit to exercising with nothing on? hee hee
Good thing I can't make my Mii naked ain't it! Actually I do wear a tank and undies.

Evil Wii Fit even keeps track of how often it controls you.

I do like the fact that after working out for over an hour, EWF does make me lose some weight.

No it ain't just water weight, cause I drank water while working out. I swear I saw fat dripping off of me.

And a word out to my beautiful Brazilian Friend Karine. I know you probably tried to translate this post and didn't get far. But all you need to know is this......

Nintendo bad, very, very BAD!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Story is being featured

On KIDZ today.

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