Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmm

This is a picture I took outside a church in a small Missouri town! It just cracked me up. Yeah I know what they mean, but it could be taken other ways!! lol I don't think the members were too happy with me for stopping and getting out to take the picture. But Hey maybe that made them rethink it!! lol

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cheyenne's hidden note (updated)

I was just doing laundry and found this note in Cheyenne's pocket. Now, I know that is her writing, but not sure what she is saying!! lol She also spelled CeCe (her middle name and nickname) wrong, which is not like her. I don't know if she meant "We have date" Or "We are Date" Tomorrow I will embarrass her and ask. We have known Tim since he was a baby, he also has DS and is a year younger than Cheyenne. He is in her class and somedays when she is happy with him, she says he is her boyfriend. Otherdays she throws things against the walls and says she can't stand him! typically teen, in that way!! lol

I just asked her what it was and she was so embarrassed and hid it behind her back and said "It's nothing". I kept asking and she kept smiling and then she says "Tim and I are dating" I of course had to tell her how to spell it right and she says 'Oh my gosh" and leaves for her room!! hee hee

Monday, April 21, 2008

My new baby

This is not a picture of him, but it is a picture of what my new baby looks like. I'm just too lazy to charge my camera batteries now. But I am sad, cause my new baby is making a mess of my aquarium, he is a very messy eater. I HAD lots of crabs and snails to clean up after him, but they seem to make a tasty snack. Why, why, do I always fal in love with the bad boys!! lol I had a lion fish I so loved (will have to post his picture later), but I would put a 24 dollar cleaner shimp in the tank and it would end up being in the tank 2 seconds, before he was a 24 dollar snack. Why is it the bad boys are so always so attractive? Why can't I settle for a nice boy like Nemo (probably because Nemo lasted 2 days in my tank before he was a snack). Butmy new baby is sure pretty isn't he!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cheyenne shocks me!

After my dh and I did the comedy club last night, I went to pick up my girls. Their respite person had a karaoke machine. Cheyenne could sing all the songs, she could say all the words as they went real fast by. She loves to read and it is so great seeing that she can pronounce all these words. These were not kid songs. I thought she sang all the words at church but it is hard to tell cause everyone is singing (the words are all on a screen in front of us). She doesn't have good reading comprehension but she can sure pronounce words well. Another cool thing that I thought was funny is that our respite person and I were talking about Down syndrome(her older sister has it), and she said she didn't see what people meant about the eyes being different. Now that is the number one thing that sticks out I think. Those pretty almond eyes. But I think it is funny, that she doesn't notice. Must be because from the day she was born, she was around someone with almond eyes. I knew her sister before I ever met her, she used to assist the girls at gymnastics and I didn't know she had down syndrome until about a year later. Her speech is so amazing. In fact her sister says and I do have to agree, that she has better speech than anyone she has ever met with Down Syndrome. Now this is NOT saying that all people with down syndrome are hard to understand. No way, but generally because there is low muscle ton involved, you can notice a difference in a person with DS's speech. I think her sister must of not had any low muscle tone issues with her mouth. She is pretty incredible too. She has always worked in daycares. She also volunteers for the school system and go's in and reads to grade school children every week. Like I said I met her years ago, then years later her sister was my girls special ed teacher (and now she does respite for us).

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm a Winner and a Loser

Yesterday I was driving my car and I heard on the Radio "Who is the father and son that played in Wall Street?" Oh , Oh I know, it is Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. so I call up the radio station while I am serving all over the road trying not to run into the ditch, Cause I had to type into my phone Y107, The letter thru me off, so I had to take my eyes off the road for a bit to find it. YEA, I am the 7th caller! So she repeats the question as as soon as I speak I hear different words come out of my mouth "Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen" I say! Yes I am a winner! I had no idea what I was even winning, never heard that part before I called. I got 4 tickets to the comedy club for the next night (tonight). It starts at 8pm, and I can't find anyone to go with me. Everyone I know has finals or is heading for St Louis! My dh has to be at work by 10:30pm, and he is going with me, but I wanted two more to go! I had already planned for a sitter for my older two for tonight (their respite person), course now she will be here any second and find out I have a third child for her too!! lol Hope she doesn't mine. hee hee I just hope this comedian doesn't use the "R" word! My work has a Christmas party for all the individuals with disabilities and the staff at the comedy club every year and on that night, you know you aren't going to hear it , cause someone on stage would have to die!! lol I was once at the Jay Leno show and that butthead that host Fear Factor was on there, and he used the "R" word and all my friends thru their arms out to stop me from getting us all kicked off. We all had kids with DS, and it was offensive to all of us, but I guess they all figured it was me who would react the worst to hearing it. Anyway, I hope I get to have some fun and that the sitter doesn't forget she is watch three girls!! hee hee

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Got Their Camp Wonderland Confirmations !

This is the kind of sad scenes I will be facing on June 13th. That is the day the girls will be coming home from Camp Wonderland. They will be crying. Cheyenne will be crying over some guy she has to leave behind (every year their is tears over her newest summer crush), Mercede will just be sad to leave all her new friends. They will arrive on June 8th. This will be their fourth year. I feel bad that I never let them go to camp earlier than that. They went to Camp Barnabas one year and they could of been going their since they were 8 years old. But mama was afraid to let her girls go. I love Camp Wonderland (Kids and adults with disabilities can attend). Camp Barnabas is the better camp, much more to do (only from age 8 to 17, but siblings can also attend that don't have disabilities). A very strong Christian camp and the girls were very moved by it. BUT is is harder to get in and was such a long drive. Plus they love Camp Wonderland and it takes only a little over an hour to get there. If you have camps near you for your child with disabilities, I HIGHLY recommend it. There are so many good ones out there! Here are some links to the two my girls have been too.
Camp Wonderland
Camp Barnabas

The things that come out of the mouths of babes

I'm aggravated that I don't journal everyday the things this child says. I think I will remember them but she comes up with so many quotes that I could never possible remember them. She is like my Cheyenne, constantly cracking us up with her view of things. Yesterday she asked me if Cheyenne had a baby in her belly. I said "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Why do you ask?" She told me because Cheyenne is such a good baby holder. Then she asked me again if I was sure Cheyenne wasn't having a baby. I told her that Cheyenne wasn't big enough to have a baby and then she said "Yes, she is, look at how big she is" Remind me to say she isn't old enough, next time this comes up. The girls spent time with my mom during spring break and my mother said that Aysha told her "Cheyenne said that guy in MCDonalds was HOT, he wasn't hot." So my mom knowing that Aysha had no idea what she was talking about ask Aysha what that means. Aysha thinks and says she doesn't know. Then Cheyenne thinking she is going to get into trouble for saying what she did tells Aysha and my mom that "hot" means "Gay". So Aysha says "Yeah, it means gay" Now Cheyenne knows what "Gay" means and guess she was trying to pull one over on her grandma.

When I picked up the girls I asked Aysha if she had fun at Grandma's and she says "No" I said "You didn't have any fun at Grandmas" Aysha responds with "I cried all the time at Grandma's and it isn't fun to cry" Yeah, the whole week she was there she cried only twice for a few seconds.

When Cheyenne was a little girl she came up to me and asked if she could have a skution. I didn't know what she was trying to say. She kept trying to repeat it and mentioned a Doctor and a drape. So finally I asked her what a Dr would do to mom if she had a skution (you all see where this is going), she tells me Dr put a drape over you and cut your belly and a baby comes out. Oh My, my young daughter is talking about a C-section!

What will tomorrow bring........

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Subway Mission to not let the girls ruin it!

My dh and I both signed up for The Biggest Loser at work. We are on separate teams which isn't good cause he is doing pretty darn well!! (I could so use him on my team)lol . There are four people on each team. This will be starting the third week and I have lost 8 1/2 pounds so far. I have to be realistic, I like food and I love eating. So I know that I can't diet, cause then I will gain it all back eventually. So I have to make a lifestyle change. I eat out ALOT, everyday, several times a day. We live in a very small place that has only two bedrooms and no stove, I do have a toaster oven and a microwave. We live in the basement of a home, my individuals I take care of live above us. But because of our small home, I don't like to cook because I make huge messes and like to have alot of room to cook. Anywho, I decided that I would start just eating out mainly at Subway everyday, I'm doing the modified Jarad thing, lol. So that is how I am starting to lose weight, plus we joined a recreation place that has a track, gym, basketball court and a nice swimming area. Oh and the best is that is has childcare for Aysha. So today after Church we head to Subway. We go in and it is a HUGE line going all the way to the door. Subs are 5 dollars for a footlong, that is why. I'm in line and I send Mercede to get her drink out of the cooler they have there. But then Aysha joins her and they are fighting. Mercede has three drinks for each one of the girls and Aysha is also getting drinks. The cooler is at the front of the store and I don't want to lose my place. I'm trying to solve the problem but talking loudly to the girls, but at this time Aysha is banging the cooler door against Mercede and Mercede is getting very angry so I know I have to get to them. I told Cheyenne to come over and stand in line for me and to stay in line! I go over to the cooler where I battled with the girls to put some stuff down and then I turn around and there is Cheyenne standing behind me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And 6 more people have walked in and got into line where we should be. So I put everything back and we walked out. I told the girls they had to listen and now we had to leave cause they didn't. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I really wanted my sub. I get alot of veggies that way!! lol Mercede is being hateful in the car, she said the "S" word and then got an ear ful from me. But I really want my sub so I drove to another Subway!! lol And we had along talk about how they have to listen and behave or none! Mercede had alot of attitude still, but I could see her allergies were bothering her. But I got my Sub, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, nope, that isn't bacon on it, I swear, it is a rotten pepper, yeah, that is it! (okay, I will cut the bacon out of my subs later, lol). Then we came home and walked for a mile. Mercede usually gets tired and complains but she did really well! A word of advice, don't buy the bottled water at Subway, it is like 1.79 for a bottle. I had no idea and got us four bottles yesterday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A First for Cheyenne!

She got her hair highlighted today! "Beautiful, I'm Hanna Montanna", she says! I wish I would of got these kind of photo's when Mercede had purple streaks in hers!! lol