Monday, June 30, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes.

Yesterday, while we were in a restaurant eating, Aysha (who turned 4 this month) turns to me and shouts " HEY MOM, CAN WE GO SWIMMING TONIGHT, CAUSE CHEYENNE ISN'T ON HER PERIOD ANY MORE!"

Layout compliments of my sister Kristi, no she didn't make it for me, that selfish witch. But she was nice enough to send me a picture of it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The End of our Big Loser Competition

And my dorky loser of a husband won! He lost 29 point something pounds, woo pee doo! He thinks he looks so nice, walking around 3 sizes smaller, lol. He got 200 dollars that he best save for our vacation!! lol I lost 27 point something and was second place with a 100 dollar prize. Our last weigh in was last friday and I have gained 5 pounds since. I know, you are all saying "You must be so proud" But all my eating this week, kept me from going postal on a Doctor whom had the nerve to tell me a surgery had been canceled after I had gotten up at 3am to drive this person to get it (I had worked til 10:30 the night before). Yep it had been canceled and they forgot to call us. Needless to say, I gave them "Crazy Eyes" and they did the surgery that day. Course they did it at 4pm not 7am!! Grrrrr, but they still did it. I'm scary.

Now I need to get back on course. Stay tuned in a few days about my Subway experience.

The way I feel about my job right now

I found this video on Captain Pork Chops blog and it really describes how I am feeling, especially since I have done paxil off and on for years!! lol My job is making me want to do another run at it. This is one of the reasons I haven't been by your blog or posting on my own. Oh now the sexual overtones are not what I am feeling and I could of done with out them. but I do love the remake they did with Justins song!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aysha's 4th Birthday


Aysha had to celebrate birthday late cause Mamma had to work insane hours. In fact her birthday party was me calling people last minute and saying, can you be there in a hour! She had alot of fun. I just can't believe she is FOUR! A big thanks to my parents for driving 3 hours to watch my kids while I worked the weekend. At least this way you got to be at her party!! lol

Oh and the second picture is my father trying to look like he was young enough to play at Going Bonkers, the first picture shows the age limit. Sorry Dad your just too old!! ha ha

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Okay, so is it okay to beat your husband??

You didn't think it was okay to beat my children, but surely a husband is different. Mercede and Cheyenne are away at Camp Wonderland. I have been working alot and I promised Aysha I would take her swimming at the recreation center we have a membership at (had one for three months and have only been 2 times). I got off work around 5:30pm and Mike went fishing with the boys. Aysha and I had some pizza (thanks to my horrid husband for leaving it in the fridge to wreck my diet, on purpose I am sure), and we drove over to the ARC (that is what it is called and no I don't know what it stands for, but yes, I know it has the same initials as another organization). Well, I didn't have my drivers license and couldn't get a locker so we had to drive back home. I find it and we drive back. It is almost 8pm. I have to have a pager on me at all times for work and I bought a water tight container to put it in. So I get a page at 8:10, it has 4 numbers, I know it is my dh cause it is part of his numbers and even though he works for the same place I do, and has for 7 years, he isn't a master of it yet. So pager goes off again with his proper number. I'm ignoring it cause it IS MY HUSBAND and my phone is out in the car. Well at 8:30pm he pages me with his number and a 911 after it. I want to ignore it, cause I know he just gets upset when he can't get ahold of me (thinks I'm laying dead in a ditch, lol) but Aysha and I want to swim. But I think my phone is out in the car, if the camp calls me they can't get thru so maybe they called Mike. So we had to leave the pool and get dressed. I get to my car and call him and tell him that it better be a life and death manner. Nope, he just wondered what we were doing! Grrrrrrrr Aysha told me she will find us a new daddy that will let her swim longer! She is so smart!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Checking to see how often my sister checks out my blog ;)

This would of been a good Wordless Wednesday post if I did those. That food was good, wasn't it Kristi. Especially that salad you had, yum. heh heh

Oh by the way, Since I think you should be a professional blogger (who would not get on my nerves like the Pioneer Woman), I sent some of your post to be featured later at

Friday, June 6, 2008

20 Things I will never do

My friend Renee posted this on her blog and I thought it looked fun so here is mine... if you do one too, let me know! (Renee had a more serious tone, but I just ate Chinese so who can be serious)

20 Things I will never do (in no particular order):

1. I will never stop dancing to the
2. I will never smoke a cigar......................again.
3. I will never do drugs, unless my Doctor prescribes me some good stuff.
4. I will never like having my picture taken when I am peeing in the woods.
5. I will never enjoy cooking cats in the microwave.
6. I will never become an alcoholic, unless I could afford to live at Tropical Liquors
7. I will never sky write, why spend all that time to have it just evaporate away .
8. I will never bungee jump, unless they bring back Fear Factor, and I can jump into a big pile of vile stuff.
9. I will never understand why Renee doesn't like mayonnaise.
10. I will never say "I understand men" and mean it.
11. I will never think it's ok for a spider to be in my house without inviting his friends (cause I hate flies, whom have maggots.Give me spiders to kill the flies so I won't have to see the maggots).
12. I will never understand how people can be so ignorant that they look at my girls and say they are suffering and will never really live life. Is it cause they might not have the knowledge to cook Crack or something???
13. I will never understand how anyone can look at me and see anything but perfection ;)
14. I will never forget all the Soldiers I hung around with in college. Jarheads all of them (and proud of it)
15. I will never drive a semi-truck unless it is filled with gasoline, then you could um say......I was stealing it.
16. I will never compare a migraine I have, to one my husband has. Everyone knows that men experince pain worst, that is why they are the biggest babies.
17. I will never forget all the time that it is taking away from my kids to post this diddy.
18. I will never think a snake is cute, unless he is wealthy and his eyes aren't too beady.
19. I will never think that it is okay that Cheyenne flirts with our minister (even if he is cute)
20. I will never stop loving the way my Mercede throws back her head and goes "Argggggggggghhhhhhhh" 50 million times a day when she is upset.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When you rob the cradle, this is what you get.....

"Was that your son that brought the girls in the other day" ask the dental receptionist.

"Ummmmmmmmmm, nooooooooo that was my husband"

The best one was when we were at the laundry mat years ago and Mike looked years younger than he was (then he married me and started looking his age, ha ha). He was getting on my nerves joking around and I was being smart with him. The lady besides us says "My son acts that way too sometimes". I say " Oh he isn't my son, he is my boyfriend." Lady looks disgusted and walks away and says not another word.

Man, I'm dreading the day I turn 50 and he will still be in his 30's and I might hear "What would your grandmother like to order?"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It is sometimes okay to beat your child, right?

LOL, Twice in three days, I have went somewhere to get something to eat, only to not have my debit card (and had no cash on me). Friday I had went all day without eating because I was working and didn't have time to stop until 3:30pm to get some brunch. I pull up to Subway and discover I don't have my debit card. I called my dh crying cause I had a horrid headache and was hungry and I knew I wasn't going to have time to get something until 6pm. I had caught Mercede in my purse that morning. Mike found my card on the floor! Whew.

Then an hour ago I ran out to give meds to some individuals I work with, and because it was early decided to go by McD's for yogurt parfaits. Only you guessed it, my card was gone. After much bawling from my part because it took over an hour to find where Mercede put it, I am pulled together now and she is safe. But no matter how much I tell her not to bother something she does. What am I to do????? Off to church now to pray. Don't smite me for my thoughts!! lol