Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm mad tonight, actually I am beyond mad and it is killing me not to have fowl language all across this screen. My sister called me this morning to tell me about Sarah Palin being chosen as Mcains running mate. I wasn't surprised at all, since this rumor had been rampant in my community boards for parents with children with down syndrome. But I knew the news was going to bring controversy, lots of it. First I was mad. I thought, why is this woman with a baby running for VP. After hours of thought, it hit me, that if she was a man I wouldn't think twice of it.

Then tonight many of my friends are angry, they are angry with ABC Charles Gibson. This is what a friend of mine posted on a board and.

After he confirmed Sarah Palin as Mcain's choice, he mentioned her yougest baby Trig. He said "She had a Down Syndrome Child, she and her husband Todd knew she was going to have a DS baby and chose to do so anyway...." WTH!? His tone wasn't so nice......
So I'm guessing Charles Gibson is Anti Choice, why do I say Anti Choice?? Because like some (not all, mind you) so called Prochoice people I have ran into, when it comes to a woman KNOWING and HAVING a child with a disability, they believe that woman should of aborted that child . No offense, but no one is going to tell me what to do with my body. But yet there is this group of so-called Prochoice people, whom are pissed that I and the many other woman, who knew ahead of time that we would have a child with a disability, didn't abort. They don't think we deserved a choice. I have heard to my face, many times, "Why didn't you abort!" Only cow, I thought I had a CHOICE, and I made one!

Also Mr. Dear Charles Gibson, it is "a child with down syndrome" not "A down syndrome child". This child is a person, not an object. Your a professional, learn some people first language.

Now on to another rant with this all, it should not manner that this baby has a disability. Woopeedo, so far, the baby seems healthy, hasn't been in the hospitals, so what is the deal? Let's not throw disability into something where it does not belong. As far as her having a baby and running for VP, yes, I do see concerns there.....BUT, do any of your have concerns about Obama's child? He is running for president, and his wife would be very busy also. So are you concerned about his child? If the answer is "no" then you shouldn't be concered about Palin's.

If Palin were a man, none of these things would manner.

I'm temporary jumping off my soapbox, but after I calm down, I may make other changes in this post. I'm so angry that I can't think straight and the valium hasn't kicked in yet ;)


Unknown said...

You were the first person I thought of this morning when they announced her appointment.

I was watching foxnews (that's what's on at work) and the people there have some work to do on the proper terminology too.

Boy... I would think she could put a REAL good face to the "Stop the R Word" campaign.

Mrs4444 said...

As you know, I have concerns about my potential president having big-time commitments like children. I don't understand it; that would not be something I would be willing to do. That said, I can't argue that in most important ways, she seems like as good a candidate as any I've seen before... Hope you feel better now :)

WheresMyAngels said...

Yes, the Valium helped!! lol

Robin said...

Hope you are feeling better this morning. Speaking of awful things, did you see Dateline last night? The main story was about institutes in Serbia that doctors tell new parents they should send their children with disabilities. So sad.

stefanie said...

Wow, that was a lot to process! No wonder you needed a valium...

You taught me an aspect of our language that I have overlooked, and I WILL be paying more attention now. I'm pretty sure I heard the 'with' in the news I was watching, although I try to avoid politics, so once I heard the initial announcement, I didn't stick around for the endless analysis. I should pay more attention.

Yes, choice is also a misused word. I have noticed that one. If you look up choice on merriam-webster online, choice ,choice[1.noun] and choice[2.adjective] are in stark contrast to the word pro-choice which is the seventh word down on the list and means "favoring the legalization of abortion". So in the word pro-choice, choice=abortion. No wonder there is a serious communication breakdown.

I stand with others and applaud your choice in the true sense of the word. And thanks for teaching me to watch my words.

must not be blank said...

I felt that McCain could have made a better choice than Sarah Palin. I don't know anything about her...she may be perfect for the job. HOWEVER...the majority of the voters won't see her qualifications. They are going to see a young hockey mom with a young child who is still being breast fed. And I think this choice will hurt McCain. In a perfect world, voters would make an informed choice. Truth is, they don't.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday. I listen to all the conservative talk radio when I am in the car. I was only half listening yesterday. But he seemed to be of the opinion that there was something wrong with having a Downs baby and from what I heard, was slamming Palin for doing so. Maybe he wasn't doing that, but that was the impression I got.

You know, God gives us what he wants us to have. When I was pregnant with my kids, the choice of having the test to see if they had Downs was given to me. I refused because aborting was never an option. And it offends me to hear people suggest that these babies are less than perfect.
Downs babies are perfect...just the way they are.
Sorry for the rant....people just piss me off sometimes!

EmBee said...

My husband and I were watching CNN last night and they were making similar comments as to those made by Charles Gibson. Comments that eluded to just how AMAZING Sarah Palin was for making the CHOICE to keep (HORROR) A Downs Syndrom Child. Comments which left me yelling at the t.v.

I have a friend with a 5 yr. old daughter with DS. I thought of her and I thought of you. For my friend the only choice she made regarding having her daughter was that she wanted her very much and couldn't wait for her arrival and what color should she paint the nursery.

I very much like the way you stated it was YOUR choice. It never occurred to me that Pro-Choice people would be critical of YOUR choice. That just flies in the face of everything someone who is Pro-Choice says they believe.

I don't like to talk a lot of politics because everyone has different reasons for choosing a candidate, but I think Sarah Palin gave an amazing speech and I for one, look forward to learning all I can about her.

btw: I left a response on my blog to some questions you asked.

sassy stephanie said...

I hear you sister. You just have to remember some people are just plain ignorant.

I personally never had the "test" with my three pregnancies. I didn't want to know if there was a possibility of DS. It did not matter to my husband and I. It would not change my prenatal care and certainly would not put me in a corner to make a choice. There was no choice. The choice occurred when we chose to get pregnant.

My good friend has a boy with CP and she gets ignorant constant questions of "what's wrong with him?". Can you believe!? From adults! I love her though, how strong she is. She immediately says something like "he needs a nap..what is wrong with YOU?".

amanda said...

a rant is okay. i totally agree with your rant. i never thought of her having a baby and running for office. that didn't matter to me. but it will to some people. well lots of other mommies out there do things too. let's worry about the ones who put their babies lives in danger. this mommy is trying to do something. and you're so right. if it was a daddy would all of this even matter...thanks for giving something to think about...

Kristi Smith said...

Well, I was worried when they said she just had the baby in April because it is a baby. They all require lots of attention and she has 4 other children (one getting ready to go to Iraq). I was just thinking how much time she will be away from her children. And if it were a man, I probably wouldn't worry as much because father's USUALLY (usually) don't do as much as the mother. She may have a great stay at home husband, I don't know, haven't read that yet.

I didn't hear any comments yet about what people have said on tv. But that doesn't surprise me that they said it like that, you would think by now though they would have had enough complaints from people in the past they would know better.

Did you read she didn't tell people she was pregnant until she was 7 months along? How in the heck did she manage that? And that she didn't tell her husband the baby had Down Syndrome until a couple of days after she found out? I did think that was weird.

I do think she seems like a very strong lady.

Personally, I am not thrilled with either Presidential candidate. Can we start all over? ;)

Claremont First Ward said...

I would have been hopping mad, too! Had I known about this, I would have been for you! :)

WheresMyAngels said...

Great comments everyone. I'm hoping to talk a little about the Serbia documentary later.

Sinner, I agree that many are going to look at her as a busy mother who doesn't have time to assist run a country (but really who else could do both jobs? only a mamma). and Rush did make some statements, because my friends were mad at him also. But I never heard what he exactly said. I also refused all of the "testing" except ultra sounds and fetal echo's. I only knew Cheyenne had DS because of the heart problem. I didn't know with Mercede and my husband and I thought for sure that Aysha had DS but found out at birth another story.

Hmmmmmm, Kristi, who would keep having a baby a secret?? Hee Hee, course I wouldn't of made it 7 months because Mike wouldn't let me. I can also understand her not telling her husband right away, sometimes it is hard to think of the best way to talk to someone. I might of done the same with Mike.

Nicole said...

Wow, I've learned a lot from this post. Your posts always help me to see things from a different perspective. I have a degree in Music, but since having children I haven't done much with it simply because I want my full attention to be on being a mother right know. At the same time though I know that's not for everyone. Palin does see to have a very dedicated and supportive family and seems to be well respected, It will be interesting to learn more about her. I never had the test either. It didn't matter one way or the other. My mom always thought she would have a child with DS because she always loved them so much, they just have such a sweet spirit about them.

Traci said...

You wanna get really mad? Check out this post at *2 peas* Those people are some flipping idiots over there!! One poster had the cahoonies to post that she must not care for the baby because it has DS and that she could use a nanny 24 hours a day to raise it. Somebody hold me back, hold me back!!!

ArtworkByRuth said...

So wish we were in the same room, we could have ranted together LOL! Both candidates have young children, but we only worry about her! I took a traveling job seven months pregnant, and it lasted seven years! It was a hard stigma to get passed, but eventually I just ignored the criticism! Without that job we never would have had Z come into our lives! HUGS and CHOCOLATE to you!

Lori said...

I so don't do politics...but I wanted to let you know that I agree with what you are saying. The idea behind your words. :)

Unknown said...

i don't know what all the hub-bub is about. I think they should just leave it at a good choice,albeit a DESPARATE CHOICE. McCain HAD to dispel the "good ole boy" reputation, and HE DID IT! with sarah palin!

The big news this weekend??? OMG her 17 yr old is pregnant!! OMG!!!

I'm very excited about both tickets, and although I'm a Conservative Democrat...I am still undecided. I think there is alot more to unfold before November.

I had contact with Palin at the occurance of the birth of Trig. It has to be HORRIBLE to have this happen, and not be able to go into a room like we can, and VENT! She probably can talk to no one the way that we can. I offered her tips on the anonimity of some of my favorite onine rooms.

A blogger whom i respect highly, and who lost a child to cancer has taking a leave from the blogosphere...ate up with grief, understandably. She came in this week and BLASTED Palin for leaving her baby for a run at the VP.

I didn't comment back.

I think that everybody commenting really doesn't live in the real world. I have 4 bio children and a host of many others that are close to me...and have worked the whole time. I had to. Most of the country has to!

I know that MILLIONS of 17 year olds get's not the big inhale moment of the day.

I see Palin as a regular ole working mom...just like me. I wish the press would stop picking at her.

It is on record that the top 1% of the rich in this country, make more money than the other 150 million people living in this country.

It's nice to see someone that ISN'T in that top 1% running for office. Maybe someone will make it into DC that really understands what it is to be a TYPICAL american.

as far as the DS? YIPPEE!! the press will learn etiquette, and maybe they will learn how TYPICAL having a child with DS is! Maybe...just maybe, we can get that 90% of children lost before birth down to a better statistic.


Anonymous said...

I want to shout along with you!

Heather said...

The Dateline special Friday night was a heartbreaker. I was ready to hop a plane to Serbia to take care of all those babies.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Wow, I'm super glad I read this post. Some how this has all stayed off my radar.

In the future, you should totally type out a post full of all the expletives you want to use. Then when you're done, go back and choose more family friendly words. I'll bet that after getting it all out without censorship, you'll feel better! ;)

Danyele Easterhaus said...

You go sister! You go!