Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Subway Mission to not let the girls ruin it!

My dh and I both signed up for The Biggest Loser at work. We are on separate teams which isn't good cause he is doing pretty darn well!! (I could so use him on my team)lol . There are four people on each team. This will be starting the third week and I have lost 8 1/2 pounds so far. I have to be realistic, I like food and I love eating. So I know that I can't diet, cause then I will gain it all back eventually. So I have to make a lifestyle change. I eat out ALOT, everyday, several times a day. We live in a very small place that has only two bedrooms and no stove, I do have a toaster oven and a microwave. We live in the basement of a home, my individuals I take care of live above us. But because of our small home, I don't like to cook because I make huge messes and like to have alot of room to cook. Anywho, I decided that I would start just eating out mainly at Subway everyday, I'm doing the modified Jarad thing, lol. So that is how I am starting to lose weight, plus we joined a recreation place that has a track, gym, basketball court and a nice swimming area. Oh and the best is that is has childcare for Aysha. So today after Church we head to Subway. We go in and it is a HUGE line going all the way to the door. Subs are 5 dollars for a footlong, that is why. I'm in line and I send Mercede to get her drink out of the cooler they have there. But then Aysha joins her and they are fighting. Mercede has three drinks for each one of the girls and Aysha is also getting drinks. The cooler is at the front of the store and I don't want to lose my place. I'm trying to solve the problem but talking loudly to the girls, but at this time Aysha is banging the cooler door against Mercede and Mercede is getting very angry so I know I have to get to them. I told Cheyenne to come over and stand in line for me and to stay in line! I go over to the cooler where I battled with the girls to put some stuff down and then I turn around and there is Cheyenne standing behind me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! And 6 more people have walked in and got into line where we should be. So I put everything back and we walked out. I told the girls they had to listen and now we had to leave cause they didn't. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I really wanted my sub. I get alot of veggies that way!! lol Mercede is being hateful in the car, she said the "S" word and then got an ear ful from me. But I really want my sub so I drove to another Subway!! lol And we had along talk about how they have to listen and behave or none! Mercede had alot of attitude still, but I could see her allergies were bothering her. But I got my Sub, ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, nope, that isn't bacon on it, I swear, it is a rotten pepper, yeah, that is it! (okay, I will cut the bacon out of my subs later, lol). Then we came home and walked for a mile. Mercede usually gets tired and complains but she did really well! A word of advice, don't buy the bottled water at Subway, it is like 1.79 for a bottle. I had no idea and got us four bottles yesterday.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

haha I don't believe that story for ONE second! The girls were the most well behaved in the whole store, I just know it! ;)

Congrats on the weight loss! I hope you beat hubby's team! :)

AZmomto7 said...

You are brave taking em all in, wow, I can only imagine the chaos...I am glad you all got your subs!

WheresMyAngels said...

They are typically pretty well behaved out in public, but it was one of them days!! lol

Kari said...

That was hilarious!!! I love that you drove to another subway. heehee almost fell off my chair with the rotten pepper. I certainly can relate I have had days like this. Good luck with the weight loss! I am working on thinning out too. SUCKS I have been really enjoying my food lately and it shows. You can beat DH Just go out and buy all his fav snacks and discreetly place them around the house ;)
Well my cell phone has been floated a few times. My phone is addicted to coffee! T recently broke mine right in half. I am on phone number 2 this year and it's only April. If the phone has any plastic that pops off to give access to the chip pop that off and take a hairdryer to it dries it out way faster :)