Monday, April 21, 2008

My new baby

This is not a picture of him, but it is a picture of what my new baby looks like. I'm just too lazy to charge my camera batteries now. But I am sad, cause my new baby is making a mess of my aquarium, he is a very messy eater. I HAD lots of crabs and snails to clean up after him, but they seem to make a tasty snack. Why, why, do I always fal in love with the bad boys!! lol I had a lion fish I so loved (will have to post his picture later), but I would put a 24 dollar cleaner shimp in the tank and it would end up being in the tank 2 seconds, before he was a 24 dollar snack. Why is it the bad boys are so always so attractive? Why can't I settle for a nice boy like Nemo (probably because Nemo lasted 2 days in my tank before he was a snack). Butmy new baby is sure pretty isn't he!


Kim Davis said...

I always liked the bad boys too (I actually laughed out loud reading your post and I'm all by myself).

He's beautiful - you know, he's never going to listen to you either, he'll just keep snacking on the "good clean-up" helpers.

If he gets too bad, maybe you can get a lot of the shrimp, crabs and snails and feed them sushi (hee, hee).

JennyH said...

It is a pretty fish! You should post a picture of your whole tank. We were into fish for a long time -freshwater though- and just took down our last tank to get rid of.

Hope your fish behaves himself!