Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cheyenne shocks me!

After my dh and I did the comedy club last night, I went to pick up my girls. Their respite person had a karaoke machine. Cheyenne could sing all the songs, she could say all the words as they went real fast by. She loves to read and it is so great seeing that she can pronounce all these words. These were not kid songs. I thought she sang all the words at church but it is hard to tell cause everyone is singing (the words are all on a screen in front of us). She doesn't have good reading comprehension but she can sure pronounce words well. Another cool thing that I thought was funny is that our respite person and I were talking about Down syndrome(her older sister has it), and she said she didn't see what people meant about the eyes being different. Now that is the number one thing that sticks out I think. Those pretty almond eyes. But I think it is funny, that she doesn't notice. Must be because from the day she was born, she was around someone with almond eyes. I knew her sister before I ever met her, she used to assist the girls at gymnastics and I didn't know she had down syndrome until about a year later. Her speech is so amazing. In fact her sister says and I do have to agree, that she has better speech than anyone she has ever met with Down Syndrome. Now this is NOT saying that all people with down syndrome are hard to understand. No way, but generally because there is low muscle ton involved, you can notice a difference in a person with DS's speech. I think her sister must of not had any low muscle tone issues with her mouth. She is pretty incredible too. She has always worked in daycares. She also volunteers for the school system and go's in and reads to grade school children every week. Like I said I met her years ago, then years later her sister was my girls special ed teacher (and now she does respite for us).


Kim Davis said...

I had no idea you had a blog - you're a really good writer!!! (Love all of the pics of the kids too - especially that highlight one).

Meredith said...

I advertised ya ;) Hey, you're getting into this blogging thing, aren't ya!!?? lol

Good luck with the weight loss! I hope you beat out your DH :)


AZmomto7 said...

It's pretty neat that she can read all the words for the songs! We are working on early reading with Meghan, can i say she just is not interested in learning. :o(

I have almond shaped eyes, I remember thinking Meghan was the first child I had who had eyes like mine!