Sunday, April 13, 2008

Got Their Camp Wonderland Confirmations !

This is the kind of sad scenes I will be facing on June 13th. That is the day the girls will be coming home from Camp Wonderland. They will be crying. Cheyenne will be crying over some guy she has to leave behind (every year their is tears over her newest summer crush), Mercede will just be sad to leave all her new friends. They will arrive on June 8th. This will be their fourth year. I feel bad that I never let them go to camp earlier than that. They went to Camp Barnabas one year and they could of been going their since they were 8 years old. But mama was afraid to let her girls go. I love Camp Wonderland (Kids and adults with disabilities can attend). Camp Barnabas is the better camp, much more to do (only from age 8 to 17, but siblings can also attend that don't have disabilities). A very strong Christian camp and the girls were very moved by it. BUT is is harder to get in and was such a long drive. Plus they love Camp Wonderland and it takes only a little over an hour to get there. If you have camps near you for your child with disabilities, I HIGHLY recommend it. There are so many good ones out there! Here are some links to the two my girls have been too.
Camp Wonderland
Camp Barnabas


e said...

uh YEA!! i know my blog is the siggy on every room i belong to...GAYLA!! you know what that tells me???


you GOOBER!!


i also publish them on myspace...all you have to do is click "subsribe" I do YOURS!!


you know, for living the closest out of all the online sistahs...i CANNOT believe that we don't see more of each other!!

I have to go look up camp barnabus...molly is 8 in june!

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO and i would have NEVER thought about it, if you hadn't been SO COOL with it!

what age did they start attending???

e & molly kate

Christine said...

My kids don't get to go to camp unless it is really inexpensive. My two oldest boys got to go this past winter for the first time. THey loved it! I'm so glad that your girls enjoy it so much!

Kathy said...

I just found your blog and read your profile. I have translocated chromosomes 18-21 but didn't know it until I'd had two children and decided to adopt the rest. My son has aspergers and ADHD but they don't think that had anything to do with it. He also has the translocated chromosomes but they say it doesn't matter as much in a male. I have 8 children total--1 step,2-birth, 3-adopted and 2 waiting in Haiti.

Jaimie said...

hey! a reader, how cool :)

The camp your daughters go to sounds great :) I am actually going to work at a place called Camp Courageous this summer, it is also for kids and adults with disabilities! I am super excited about this if I can only go and get my respite care provider certification...

I have a lot of friends who have worked in group homes, they really seem to enjoy it :)

I should have been diagnosed/medicated as a kid for ADHD...I was the freaking poster child! I couldn't do one thing at once, my room was ALWAYS a mess, I chatted a mile a minute, had to touch EVERYTHING, play with everything..wait a minute...that still sounds like it's funny, I'll be walking through a clothing store and I ALWAYS just trail my fingers across the different shelves/racks... I love the different textures ^_^

I really am glad that you found my blog because it is great to talk with someone who UNDERSTANDS!!! This medication issue is just out of hand. I am on strattera now and if I don't get up 1 hour early and take it, then go back to bed - I am just exhausted. I hate it. I swear you would think I was asking for crack when I said I wanted to be on Adderall...and one time I mentioned wanting to have something for my anxiety for *those* times. you obviously understand. where nothing you try works and your brain HURTS from going so fast. it is a baaaad baaaad feeling.

The buspirone...well, I am trying it. I am trying to think positively. It has made SOME difference. But lately, it hasn't really been working :/ I am glad to hear you talk about sticking up for what you know you need, even if it is difficult. I really did stick up for myself in that Dr's office, but nothing I tried work. College campuses and prescription medications...well. yeah.

anyways, gotta run. I really appreciate the comment!!