Saturday, February 23, 2008

The flirt

My 15 year old is such a flirt and has been for some time. At times it is funny and other times disturbing. lol She comes home everyday from school with a story about either "her boyfriend" or the boy she can't stand. Course these are the same boy. Sometimes she will be so mad she will go into her room and slam the door and throw a book at it. My husband has been worried especially when she said this boy had pushed her, he told me I needed to talk to his mother. Course I have known this boy since he was a baby (he is a year younger than Cheyenne) and he like her, has down syndrome. His mother started laughing, when I told her my husband says I should talk to her about it. She was like "Has he seen my son?" Nope he hasn't. Her son is tiny compared to my girl. She is much taller and much heavier. Like she said, my daughter could beat her son up!! lol ( I do know that he hasn't hurt my daughter, as the bus driver keeps me informed)

Every year she attends a summer camp and there is always a "summer crush", it is normally one of her camp councilors also. I didn't get a picture the first time but did the next two times. She will keep the picture til the next one. lol Well his and Brad Pitts picture, and Omar Epps (from House MD).

In the past she had a crush on my husband. Boy this was a rough one. My husband is her stepfather and when we were dating, you could tell she had a big crush on him. When we got married, then she was horrid to him. She wasn't very nice for the longest time. Then she had, wait has a crush on my sisters husband. That is quite funny, cause she all but ignores my sister and everything is "Hi Matt", ""What you doing Matt" etc. I'm sure my BIL was happy today that only my 3 year old is staying with him and family, or he would have to be hidden away.

Now, the most embarrassing crush has now developed. Last week, I couldn't find her at church, then I turn around and there she is. I can read her smile and see her giggle. Darn it, if she isn't flirting with our minister.

I have to look back on my crushes. There were several teachers and even a cousin! YIKES, but NEVER a minister, course mine were all in their 70's.


smpalmero said...
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Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...
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The Urbans said...

That is too funny.

JennyH said...

That is so funny! Those fun teenage years.... I do not look forward to those!

Lori & Family said...


I am also a blog stalker. I am a single adoptive mom of two children. Son 5 years and daughter 13 months. Both had prenatal drug expos. I have been a DS lover since I was a teen and was given the chance to work with babies for extra credit in high school and ended up doing therapy with Easter Seals and the DS pool program.
I love that you are telling about your girls. Keep it up.